Google Password Alert : Protect domain registrar accounts from phishing attacks

The most common method of having your domains stolen, is by surrendering your registrar credentials in a phishing attack.

Simply explained, phishing works by prompting one to click a link that appears to take them to a casual destination, such as a domain registrar.

Once there, the unsuspected victim provides their user name and password, thinking they are – for example – at GoDaddy; the latter is often targeted as the most used domain registrar in the world.

A new free Chrome extension by Google, called ‘Password Alert‘, will display a warning once you entered your account info on a web site that isn’t the one it was supposed to be.

This is achieved by storing scrambled data linked to the web site in question; at that point, you must change the original password before it gets utilized.


According to Google:

“Password Alert is also available to Google for Work customers, including Google Apps and Drive for Work. Your administrator can install Password Alert for everyone in the domains they manage, and receive alerts when Password Alert detects a possible problem. This can help spot malicious attackers trying to break into employee accounts and also reduce password reuse.”

The Google Chrome Password Alert tool is not the ultimate solution, however, and version 1.4 has already been released to address several bugs and failures of the earlier release.

To read more about the new anti-phishing Chrome extension that will help you lessen the chances of losing domains to cybercriminals, click here to visit the Google blog.

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