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Google: Play with our balls while we give you pennies


Search engine giant Google has altered their homepage for today.

A multicolored ball display interacts with your mouse pointer, pushing the blue, red, green and orange spheres of varying sizes away from it. So beautiful!

Google wants us to engage in "ball play" while they are emptying our pockets.

This type of interactive gaming is an indication that Google wants its visitors to remain mesmerized by the supposed grand technology behind the search engine; all while true innovators like Bing appear to be “boring“.

In true copycat mode, both Google and Yahoo recently introduced the ability to alter the search engine’s background – something Bing utilized from the very beginning.

Meanwhile, domainers are expecting a record drop in the PPC thanks to Google’s giant share in the market. While domainers occupy themselves with the colorful balls, Google pinches pennies from every ad click; it’s the famous distraction method used by pickpockets.

Keep playing with the Google balls, idiots! 😀

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2 Responses to “Google: Play with our balls while we give you pennies”
  1. fizz says:

    Hey Guns, none on this side – looks like they’ve only given balls to you guys up in the States to play with.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    fizz – I believe you’re some 1/2 day ahead of the US, therefore Google already changed back in your timezone?

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