Google stuck with Winter Olympics logo for good!

The 2010 Snowlympics will last for the next 3 months on Google, due to a special promotion agreement.

Search engine giant Google is known for using different versions of its homepage logo when certain events of worldwide interest take place.

Although the end of year holidays are viewed as an acceptable annual event, Google also promotes such obscure events as Isaac Newton’s birthday and the Festival of Kites.

In an exclusive agreement, Google has sealed an extensive promotion of the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, Canada. Although the games are about to end, Google will continue to display the selection of logos created specifically for the “snowlympics”, for a period of up to three more months.

“We thought it’d be a great promotion for the city of Vancouver and the Olympic spirit”, said Tiffany McPattersen, chief marketing officer for the Committee of Olympic Awareness in Vancouver. “Now that the Canadian women’s hockey team beat the US to collect the Olympic gold medal, we are more than excited to plaster the flag of Canada all over and on top of the star-spangled banner! Go Canada, eh!”

It is unknown how much money the city of Vancouver is paying Google for this extensive promotion of the Olympic Games.

With billions of dollars in revenue from the Olympic Games, one would expect that Google is being paid a handsome amount of cash in order to keep feeding its billions of users around the globe the logo of the Vancouver Olympic Games of 2010, until the snow melts in the Canadian tundra and the beavers start building their dams.

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