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Got Boobs? Mike Mann’s sale of a pair hit five figures!


Boobs. Is it Friday yet? 😀

Somehow, any reference to “boobs” triggers the attention of most male domainers, and this news is both about boobs, and domains.

Domain investor, Mike Mann, paid $500 dollars for the domain GotBoobs.com, six years ago.

Holding onto those boobs for six years sounds like the right strategy, in our opinion, as the domain was just sold for five figures.

The price, a “mere” $15,000 dollars.

Considering how an average boob job in the US surpasses $5,000 dollars, that’s the cost of two boobs and one to spare.

At least, we’re speculating it’s a plastic/cosmetic surgeon who’s grabbing this domain, as the WHOIS hasn’t changed ownership yet.

Mike Mann’s extraordinary ability to turn domain acquisitions into oversized returns on investment, is once again paramount.


Got Boobs?

Got Boobs?

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2 Responses to “Got Boobs? Mike Mann’s sale of a pair hit five figures!”
  1. MrVg says:

    Hooray for Boobs !

  2. owntag says:

    But do you have SexyBoobs.com? 🙂
    I can sell you that!

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