Gotta catch them all! How $1,594.86 in domains bought peace of mind

David McKendrick operates Fused Network, a Toronto based web hosting provider, which prides itself in offering quality web hosting services for more than a decade.

David’s business runs and operates along with various other TLDs.

In a recent blog post, David talks about how investing in variants of your business name can safeguard your brand in the future.

Spending almost $1,600 in annual domain registrations, David talks about his own experience when a company calling themselves “Fused Networks” popped up in the UK.

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One Response to “Gotta catch them all! How $1,594.86 in domains bought peace of mind”
  1. Scott Alliy says:

    Smart move by Fused but I think we have them beat.

    AIS has our training search engine surrounded by 1555 domain names creating growth arms, traffic avenues, asset value, and most important since we got embezzled from by a rogue business partner who grabbed an available domain name and started a competing business years ago …

    We figure our $16,000 annual investment to protect our core business a great use of funds.

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