#Government shutdown : Millions of .GOV #domains about to expire after federal employees lose pay

The dramatic situation with the government shutdown has just claimed another victim: dot .GOV domains.

After working without pay for more than three weeks, federal employees tasked with the renewals of the quintessential government domain, dot .GOV, have given up trying to justify their zero dollar paycheck.

“I walked out at 2:00 pm today, right after taking a lunch at Chotchkies, and with the rest of our IT department we took the Xerox printer to a landfill and violated its ink cartridges repeatedly,” said Paul S., federal employee.

“Those motherfuckers that won’t pay us need to know that their domains are expiring at a rate of 25,000 a day – I’m not going to stay on the damn phone with GoDaddy trying to understand WTF their Indian or Pakistani reps are saying! I’ve got people skills so, fuck this shit!” added Paul S., flipping the cameraman of FOX News.

The loss of thousands of dot .GOV domains daily will lead to dramatic complications, as phishing scammers and other cybercriminals from Ukraine, Palestine, Iran and China will attempt to register similar domain names and steal usernames and passwords.

Dot .GOV about to suffer big losses – Photo by Jomar on Unsplash

Unless the president, Donald Trump, softens his hard position with regards to the funding of a wall with Mexico, Democrats are not going to agree, thus prolonging the government’s shutdown. The loss of .GOV domains will be devastating.

“I don’t know why people don’t just go to NASA.com,” said Paul S., “There is better content there than the GOV.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on these dramatic developments, and the loss of .GOV numbers.

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