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GR.com Registry given a boost with the registration of ERT.gr.com

The Greeks are coming with GR.COM

The Greeks are coming with GR.COM

For several years now, the GR.com registry has been serving the Greek domain market as a smart alternate to the Greek ccTLD, .gr.

While the ccTLD, .gr has reduced the ‘red tape’ involved in the registration of .gr domains, the GR.com sublevel domain names are cheaper and instant to own.

Two days ago, we delivered the shocking news of the shutting down of ERT, the state-owned Greek radio and television; the official web site, ERT.gr was shut down as well.

Apparently, someone seized the opportunity to use the GR.com Registry and registered ERT.gr.com which should provide plenty of ‘spill over’ traffic. The domain name, ERT.gr.com is currently parked at its default registrar page.

Meanwhile, an alternate domain and web site, NERIT.gr, was registered under the .gr ccTLD, by blog owners who want to capitalize on the new, official name of the Greek radio and television – once it becomes available.

The same company that registered ERT.gr.com also registered NERIT.gr.com.

NERIT.gr broadcasts live from Greece, by a team of fired journalists. Essentially, the former state-run television is now a pirate!

It is expected to be a hot summer in Greece, both literally and metaphorically, as some predict early elections as pushed forth by the leftist opposition.

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One Response to “GR.com Registry given a boost with the registration of ERT.gr.com”
  1. Konstantinos Zournas says:

    ERT.gr.com seems confusing to me and I am a domainer.
    ERT.com.gr was registered yesterday.

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