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Grand Theft Auto VI to feature domain conference interaction!

GTA VI: Domainer Wars will hit the stores in January 2014.

GTA VI: Domainer Wars will hit the stores in May 2014.

Already in its fifth incarnation, Grand Theft Auto V is winning numerous accolades from gaming enthusiasts and artificial intelligence advocates alike.

The game has surpassed $700 million dollars in revenue, selling more than 15 million copies of the software across all platforms.

News of the next version of Grand Theft Auto, codenamed “Domainer Wars“, was announced at the end of TRAFFIC conference, by Bill Kara, game industry expert.

Set in the slums of Miami and the red light district of Las Vegas, the game will incorporate unparalleled depth of gameplay.

For the first time ever, players will be able to control one of three characters:

  • Luigi, an Italian mobster and porn typo-traffic peddler.
  • Jose, a Hispanic forger of business contracts and faker of PPC clicks.
  • Ali Bubba, a middle eastern expert domain thief and womanizer.

When played in multi-player mode, the objective will be to enter the TRAFFIC domain conference undetected, raid the hotel casino and steal the passwords to the Domain King’s domain vault – without alerting the Escrow security agents.

Auxiliary tasks involve eating all the food, sleeping with at least three women dressed in cute police outfits, and taking a dump in the shrimp buffet – the latter scores 20,000 bonus points.

The interactivity of Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be a huge hit among domainers, particularly those that have never been to TRAFFIC before and want to experience the domain conference without paying for the ticket.

Grand Theft Auto VI “Domainer Wars” is expected to retail for $59.95 and will come with a Sedo coupon for up to 3 lowball offers.

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