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Great problem to have : #Asheville domainer meetup breaks restaurant spaces!

The upcoming domainer meetup in Asheville, North Carolina, is allegedly creating some space problems with the local breweries, cafes and trendy restaurants.

Rick Schwartz‘s latest “solo venture” was designed to attract serious domain investors, in a fun environment, in a city popular with the hipsters, beer lovers, newlyweds and Vanderbilt estate aficionados.

The domainer group has grown to 70 people, who will most likely want to venture en masse to the city’s numerous, yet quaint attractions.

“We’re adding more table space, and currently building an extension to the bar, after talking to Mr. Schwartz,” said Layla O’Riordan, manager at the popular Jack of the Wood.

“This domainer convention sounds exciting, we’re looking forward to see the people and offer them our best beers and Gaelic cuisine, in an expanded space,” added O’Riordan.

Small cafes peppered around the city’s inner roads are expanding too. Frank Poly of the Mosquito Cafe Paris in Asheville, is adding an oversized outdoors patio and new fans, putting many Parisian bistros to shame:

“The domainer group sounds like a great bunch and we’re getting stoked about hosting a vibrant crowd, for sure! Free coffee samples, especially our smoked avocado and kosher salt mocha will be handed out!”

If you haven’t decided yet about the Asheville trip to be part of the Domain King’s new kingdom, head over to AshevilleMeetup.com.

Domainer meetup in Asheville, North Carolina – Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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