Greek domainers participating in the 32nd Athens Marathon race

The 32nd Athens Marathon.

The 32nd Athens Marathon.

The 32nd Athens Marathon takes place in Athens, Greece, tomorrow Sunday.

Tagged as the “authentic” or “classic” marathon, it begins from the tomb of Marathon, where 192 Athenian soldiers were buried after the battle against the Persians, in 490 BC.

This year, the Athens Marathon is expected to break new records, with more than 35,000 runners attempting to complete the strenuous race, which presents changes in elevation that often surprise and break down even experienced marathoners.

According to the official web site of the race, at

“The 35,000 runners to participate in the event will use 270,000 water bottles, 47,000 isotonic drinks, another 47,000 juices, as well as 26,000 energy bards and 50,000 bananas. Moreover, 220 buses will take the runners to the Marathon Start area, creating a line of about 7km, while 22 trucks will carry the clothes of the Marathon Runners. Barriers of a total length of 5km will mark the Marathon Course and the finish line.”

Among the Marathon runners, are several Greek domainers: Tassos “Tsili” Tsiligiannis, Konstantinos “Blue Pixel” Zournas, Makis “TV dude” Mourelatos, Tony “NYC” Kanakaris and Yannis “Malakas” Karastrongoulopoulidis.

Congratulations to these Greek domainers and to everyone else who casually dons a pair of high performance shoes and runs like Forrest Gump.

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  1. I will still be asleep by the time “Malakas” wins the marathon race.

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