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Greek government still holds .GR domain hostage!

Greek dancing at a social gathering - that's a prime example of an "Opa!" moment

Greek government officials celebrating their success.

NERIT.gr, a domain registered by a private individual, remained hijacked by the Greek government, more than a week after its registration.

By instructing ForthNet – the Greek domain Registry – to alter the “A records” for the domain, the Greek government rushed to keep NERIT.gr offline, in an apparent attempt to silence the opposing television stream it presented, in the aftermath of the Greek national radio and television shutdown.

Earlier this week, the registrant of NERIT.gr transferred the domain legally to SARISA Ltd., owners of weekly newspaper To Honi (the megaphone) which now plan to launch a vociferous campaign against the practices of the Greek government.

Domain applications for .gr domains go through a five day process, during which they can be opposed; at the end of the period they are either registered or canceled. However, there has been no official opposition for NERIT.gr and the act of hijacking its DNS appears to be a unique solution that has outraged many Greek journalists and technocrats.

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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