GRR HOG LED MAD SMF : All codes explained in “domain hack”

If you fly a lot around the world, you’re probably familiar with codes such as these: GRR, MCO, SMF, LED.

Airport codes can be hard to memorize; they are three letter acronyms that not always match the city they represent.

Even within the US, these airport codes can be cryptic.


Take for example Orlando International Airport, with a code of MCO.

What the heck?

A nifty web site called Airport Codes makes use of “domain hack” brilliance to put together a memorable database; its own domain is AirportCod.ES.

Domain hacks are combinations of the top level domain and its TLD, to form a word or phrase all the way to the end.

Now that you know how it’s written, you will find an explanation about MCO:

“Renamed in 1976, Orlando’s airport was originally a military airfield known as McCoy Airforce Base, honoring Colonel Michael Norman Wright McCoy.”

So there you have it, another ultra useful domain discovery for you to start your busy day with.

Safe travels to LYR.

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