Guess who owns the @DonaldTrump account on #Instagram

Political figures with Instagram accounts can quickly amass tens of thousands of followers.

In the case of a country leader, that number can turn into millions. US president, Donald Trump, has more than 8.3 million followers on Instagram, something he often boasts about.

There is a problem, however, as Donald Trump’s Instagram account is “RealDonaldTrump” just like on Twitter.

The fun part: the Instagram account @DonaldTrump appears to be owned by WaterSchool, and it has more than 5,000 followers currently. On that Instagram account, it clearly promotes the domain name,

We aren’t sure if the event managers acquired the handle in the aftermarket; despite rules that forbid the sale of social media handles, this practice is quite common.

Water School is going to have a fabulous event during WaterNight at NamesCon 2018.

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