Gyro truck domain follows Taco Bell dot .CO paradigm !

gyro is ready to launch.

The news of Taco Bell switching over to the domain Ta.Co landed hard on Aristotelis Pappadogiannakopoulakis.

The Greek entrepreneur from Astoria, New York, operates a gyro truck in Queens, serving delicious processed meat to those seeking a sample of questionably Greek delicacies.

“I heard Taco Bell have got Ta.Co for domain, and I think, why, why do I not get same benefit and have to use Facebook, hmmm?” said Aristotelis Pappadogiannakopoulakis, who goes by Telis Pappas for short.

“So I thought, hmmmmmmm, if find short domain for gyro, and make brand easy for customer find, is best – and it hit me right HERE!” exclaimed Telis Pappas, pointing to the side of his head.

After researching his options, Telis Pappas registered GY.RO, a Romanian ccTLD domain, and he’s ready to take on Taco Bell and their Ta.Co domain.

“With domain I say, come get your best gyro and give domain, no Facebook. It’s great, no?” added Telis Pappas, visibly overjoyed.

The new GY.RO domain will attempt to educate domain investors about the benefits of “domain hacks” and will offer a tribute to the frozen amalgam of flesh, sold as gyro “meat” in the US.

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One Response to “Gyro truck domain follows Taco Bell dot .CO paradigm !”
  1. Will says:

    This is so interesting because if the move that Taco Bell did starts going around the demand for these creative short word and extension combinations will increase. I always did like these types of domains and when it comes to the new GTLDs this is the best way to go. Some examples will be Fantasy.Football or Find.Flowers. These are very memorable domains.


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