Haber10.com: Massive #Turkish news gazette #domain dropped inexplicably

Haber10.com was a Turkish news gazette that remained active online between 2004 and 2022. The news flow of Haber10 consisted of Turkish political news, social news, and sports, with a peppering of support to the government.

Registered in 2004 the domain became host to popular content as captures from August 2004 show. Online newspapers are popular in Turkey and reaction to news can gauge politician’s careers and their performance. In the late 2010s, the Haber10 newspaper adopted a modern look while maintaining its focus on Turkish politics.

Sometime before the end of 2017 the web site displayed a “Test 123” page that remained onsite for the following four to five years; in 2022 the content consisted mostly of error pages, indicating that no active content was being shared.

The domain name Haber10.com eventually expired and dropped, ending up at DropCatch (no surprise there.) The ensuing auction ended earlier today, with the domain closing at $8,050 dollars with account “haberci55” winning it.

Needless to say that Haber10.com possesses potent backlink juice, justifying the closing price, as seen below:

Some of the backlinks are from Wikipedia, a beloved source of SEO juice for search engine optimization specialists.

Let’s hope the auction’s winner pays for the domain name Haber10.com.

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