Hakkasan : Uniregistry plans huge party for NamesCon 2016

Uniregistry is planning one huge party event during NamesCon 2016 – the biggest domain conference in January.

An invitation to the Hakkasan night club in Las Vegas, already hints of the spectacular, fun time that Uniregistry is preparing for; domainers are going to love it. 😀

Richard Lau, co-founder of NamesCon, shared with us that there are now almost 800 registered participants for NamesCon 2016, which takes place in Las Vegas between January 10-13, 2016.

Frank Schilling, founder of Uniregistry stated:

“Uniregistry does everything the right way. The #1 nightclub in Vegas within stumbling distance of the Tropicana, why wouldn’t we be there!”


The Uniregistry invitation to their afterhours party, reads as follows:

“The first drinks are on us, the DJs are on form, the people are awesome, and the location to die for (please don’t, though). 

Domaining, dancing, & drinking – what could possibly go right? Join us for a night you’ll not likely forget, though we won’t blame you if you do.

It wouldn’t be a party without U. 

Warmest regards, Uniregistry”

We will be there! 😀

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2 Responses to “Hakkasan : Uniregistry plans huge party for NamesCon 2016”
  1. Richard Lau says:

    I’ve partied with Frank Schilling in Vegas, New York, Dublin and Prague but I think this event at the number one club in all of North America is going to top it all. Everyone at NamesCon will want to put this in their calendar for during their four full days in Vegas! — Richard Lau, NamesCon

  2. Jay says:

    I hope Frank does not fall because of too much dancing like that one year in Playboy Mansion.
    Looking forward to having a few drinks and smiling a lot.
    And if somebody starts showing me their parking stats during the night like at the Mansion when I had just kissed a girl in the unisex bathroom I will punch them.

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