Hank Alvarez and the Domainer Hallows – Movie in 2011

After successfully turning around the odds that were against him, Hank Alvarezthe pseudonym of the befallen former VP of  Oversee – is ready for a comeback.

The script for a movie is in the works and despite the fact that everyone more or less knows what happened a year ago, there will be a few surprises.

The story begins with Hank Alvarez eating pizza at his basement, not sure how to monetize his domains. He then devises a plan to create a fake moniker and push up auction bids, thus generating millions of dollars in revenue for his company, which is under acquisition by a large corporation.

So far so good.

Hank Alvarez and the Domainer Hollows - New movie in 2011

Several new characters are introduced in the movie; it’ll be the first time that a Hollywood production will depict domainers, casting some of them in a good and others in a bad light.

Hank Alvarez will have a sexy female sidekick, Mindy Fumbuster – a broker for a large domain auction house – that will act as the liaison with the upper management. Dick Palance is the name of the programmer that builds the legendary “halvarez” bidding bot, thus sending revenue through the roof. A domain reporter, Rock Jaxton, who publishes DNGazette breaks the news of the scandalous shill bidding while the company acquisition is ongoing.

The movie’s working title – “Hank Alvarez and the Domainer Hallows” – will most likely give enough incentive for the actors to formulate their approach of the domainers’ characters. Tom Cruise will portray Hank Alvarez, according to our sources.

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