Hank Alvarez launching Digital Archery sniping Services

Hank Alvarez launches a digital archery service that guarantees 100% success.

Hank Alvarez, the former SnapNames executive who rocked the domaining world in late 2009, is back with a project that clearly matches his skillset and enthusiastic approach to domaining.

In a short announcement this morning, the notorious “halvarez” definitely reminisces about his old sniping days, but states he is staying clear from any mischief in the future:

“I recall these times with tears in my eyes and a tightness in my hands and wallet.  […] With Halvarez gTLD Sniping – the equivalent of Digital Archery – I am able to offer you the opportunity to hit your competition where it hurts. Using my expert bots and specially designed code, I am able to provide my clients with the absolute matching time in claiming their gTLD through ICANN’s antiquated servers. I can do this, for a very small fee.”

Hank Alvarez stirs a lot of controversy every time he makes a public announcement, but he’s not linked in any way to the new owners of SnapNames, who bought the company from Oversee.

The upcoming Halvarez gTLD Sniping service is reported to achieve 100% accuracy for the gTLD certification service; something that no other ‘Digital Archery‘ equivalent can claim to achieve.

Read the full announcement at Hank Alvarez’s corporate blog, HankAlvarez.com.

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