Hank Alvarez to open academy for ‘domain squatting’

Forget about domain schools and universities that teach you how to make ‘honest money’ with domains.

Hank Alvarez, the notorious domain auction manipulator who drove many investors crazy at SnapNames, is shifting the paradigm of domainer education.

Alvarez, whose domain consulting web site is at HankAlvarez.com, has been working on a new teaching principle, leveraging domain squatting.

While the details of this new domain venture are unknown, Mr. Hank Alvarez will most certainly teach several classes himself and others will be delivered via online seminars, perhaps even through a dedicated domain conference for cybersquatters as well.

In a world that’s expanding via the introduction of gTLDs and brandables, Hank Alvarez’s approach to domain investing might become the new norm.


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