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#HappyThanksgiving .com : Another premium #domain name going to waste!

Happy Thanksgiving, domainers!

Millions of Americans celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year.

That’s right. You might not be a farmer having to worry about your harvest, but you still have to eat what the land provides – regardless of the Monsanto engineering that alters seed DNA.

Back to domain names.

HappyThanksgiving.com – Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo on Unsplash

HappyThanksgiving.com isn’t a portal dedicated to the day, or even an app to send out holiday wishes to your loved ones that could not make it to the Thanksgiving table.


Just like VeteransDay.com, the domain Thanksgiving.com is parked with a sucky PPC lander at Uniregistry, and it’s obviously up for sale. The ads displayed don’t even relate to today’s holiday!

But what about the history of HappyThanksgiving.com?

Registered in 1996, HappyThanksgiving.com was parked at Sedo in 2007, more than a decade ago. In 2003, the domain displayed some links to basic content related to the holiday.

The oldest copy of HappyThanksgiving.com is from 1999 and it looked truly terrible. Its main link for content was to Cyber Grandma, a Geocities group of pages created around 1997, providing information about Thanksgiving, its meaning and related customs.

Meanwhile, the oldest WHOIS information is from 2002, as DomainTools shows; a guy from Louisiana was in charge of the domain HappyThanksgiving.com.

There are no sales records for HappyThanksgiving.com on Namebio. This doesn’t mean the domain has not been sold.

Whether you have a turkey of a domain, or a great domain name like HappyThanksgiving.com, enjoy your day, and be thankful.

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