Has HugeDomains killed KillPutin.com?

Vladimir Putin is Russia’s so-called “president” and the man who commanded the invasion of Ukraine almost 9 months ago.

Since then, thousands have died; while killed Russian soldiers form the majority of human losses, Ukraine’s civilians & soldiers are the innocent victims of this brutal war caused by Russia’s “president.”

A few months ago we covered the domain KillPutin.com, matching the keywords “kill Putin” – a sentiment surely shared by many worldwide. The domain is owned by HugeDomains, along with other “Putin” domain names.

KillPutin.com – Midjourney

It seems that in recent weeks, HugeDomains has soft-killed KillPutin.com by removing its “A records.” The domain does not resolve but it’s also removed from the searchable index at HugeDomains.com!

Prior to its removal from the searchable database of HugeDomains, the asking price for KillPutin.com was set at $3,295 dollars.

We’re not sure if this is a glitch as the domain clearly expires in 2025, but the KillPutin.com domain status shows “redemption period.”

Either way, it’s almost as if KillPutin.com has been killed from the internet!

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One Response to “Has HugeDomains killed KillPutin.com?”
  1. BullS says:

    Ukraine will come out as victorious.When the war is over ,sooner than later,there will be so much money going to Ukraine for rebuilding,so much development and progress.
    Ukraine will be a world class country .
    for every destruction,there is Creation.
    Glory to Ukraine
    Glory to Ukraine
    Glory to Ukraine

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