Have both TRAFFIC and DomainFest joined the parking business?

This is not a joke: According to DNJournaland we’re 100% certain Ron’s favorite drink is non-alcoholic ice teaHoward Neu of TRAFFIC fame is now the proud co-owner of an airport parking lot business.

The web site, at NationalParkAndFly.com is for a business that was incorporated in late May of this year, with Howard as the registered agent for the corporation. The business is managed by his daughter.

This is all fine and dandy, as it’s good to diversify these days; investments in domains and real estate must be mixed with stocks, precious metals and participation in brick and mortar companies.

Perhaps, this is why domain conference “rivals” DomainFest own an airport parking business of their own: AirportParking.com

The website is operated by Oversee and it seems to be doing quite well as it commands the important keywords for, well, airport parking.

Howard’s project isn’t quite as generic but since it’s a brick and mortar business it’s expected to take off very easily, especially with inbound flights to TRAFFIC in Florida 😀

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