Hawk Tuah domains: Viral video feeds registration frenzy!

During the past weeks, the “Hawk Tuah” video went viral, turning Haliey Welch into an overnight celebrity.

Whether it was hawk tuah, or hawk too, or any variation thereof, the reference to “spit on that thang” was by no means PG-13 imagery.

Right now, the Hawk Tuah girl is capitalizing on her viral fame by endorsing a series of merchandise with the phrase. As long as this type of money reels in, there’s no need to sign any other restrictive contracts, as she has reportedly turned down one such offer from Playboy.

With all this in mind, the “Hawk Tuah” exact match combination has been registered in a large number of TLDs, 174 according to dotdb. Hundreds of other “Hawk tuah” domains have been registered, along with other variants of the “tuah” as “too” or “too” or even “two.”

Are domain investors and opportunists going crazy with the number of Hawk Tuah domain registrations? Is there real money to be made from these hawk tuah domains?

One might have to be careful as there are 25 pending trademark registrations at the USPTO currently; the trademark goods and services range from t-shirts, caps, and other clothing to personal lubricants and even lollipops.

If you were looking for SpitOnThatThang.com, it’s already taken.

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