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HeidiPowell.com : Original registrant getting billed by GoDaddy

Heidi Powell, the original registrant of the domain HeidiPowell.com, is livid; the loss of her domain, HeidiPowell.com, in a much publicized legal battle, wasn’t the end.

After the domain was transferred away from her possession at GoDaddy, the registrar kept the charges going.

As ludicrous as it seems, GoDaddy’s billing system continued to charge for the use of email, apparently monthly.

Heidi Powell wasn’t happy about this, and complained on Twitter:

I’m angry & in #tears @GoDaddy

You continue to charge me for heidipowell dot com email two months after you coward to the theft of my #domain name.

Two charges and Two Step Verify fail. Unbelievable #domaintheft #heidipowell

Clearly, the charges since the domain was forcefully removed from Heidi Powell’s account should be refunded.

While it’s not GoDaddy’s fault that the domain was ordered to be transferred out, it makes no sense to charge for a service that is not being rendered.

Heidi Powell now uses the domain IAmHeidiPowell.com.

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