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Hello I Dasha: Galina Burtsuova and Russian brides for all domainers!


A while back we listed a series of funny, yet desperate Russian spam emails arriving in the form of Russian personals.

In our article, Ludmilla Krayova, is an imaginary Russian bride, with a beautiful face and sizable “assets” that would easily classify her as a British tabloid girl.

We now have a new Russian bride, Galina Burtsuova. In a new email that is making the rounds lately, the title says: “Hello I Dasha.”

During the Russian personals email, Dasha changes her name three more times, becoming Anna, then her email is that of Galina, before signing off as “Dariya.”

Clearly, both the spam software and Galina’s command of English need some improvements, but here’s the email just for laughs: ๐Ÿ˜€

Hello I Dasha. My friend I looked your structure. It has very much liked me. I want To correspond with you letters. I wish to inform directly on myself: My name is Anna. I was born in the city of Samara, Russia. I here live since a birth. I was born in 1985. To me of 28 years. At me Brown eyes (beautiful.) I the blonde. I have no children, but I very much I wish to have the girl and the boy. I think, that children in live-this most Happy. I love various cultures. I like to study history, it to me Very much it is pleasant. I work as the bookkeeper in firm. Mine Work very much is pleasant to me. At leisure I like to visit Library to go to cinema, to watch TV, go in sports Hall. Most my hobby is fitness. I very much like to go in for sports, I Much I run in the mornings. I The formed woman, has left school on 4 and 5. Has then acted in University. Has finished it too well. Then I have gone to work. I studied as the bookkeeper. I know English language well enough. I think, that problems at us with dialogue will not be. I hope, that our dialogue will make sense. It would be fine, If I and you could do Friendship or more than simply friendship. I search Serious attitudes, and I shall be happy To study you more close. Will be It is fine, if we can exchange some letters and photos. Write to me what your purposes and plans during the future? That you search in To the woman? Inform more on a place Where do you live. I shall look forward to hearing from You.

Write back on e-mail: GalinaBurtsuova@yandex.ru

Ask any questions which interest you. Write to me back, and I I shall inform more on me, my life. Also send my photos.

Kiss from Russia, Dariya

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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