Here comes the #Rooster .com : Media Options – latest #domain acquisitions

Drew Rosener – Media Options.

Drew Rosener of Media Options has been killing it; after getting the ultra-premium domain, with the help of James Booth, there’s more to be announced.

While trying to guess the “killer domain” that Drew’s company acquired, we shared a few domains recently acquired by Media Options.

But there’s more, the biggest of which appears to be Registered in 1998, this premium .com domain used to host a vacation rentals portal.

There is no indication about the price Rosener might have paid for, but we would not be surprised if the cryptocurrency faithful spent an amount to the south of six figures.

Other recent domain acquisitions we could find, include the following domain names:

Looks like a great year ahead for Media Options!

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One Response to “Here comes the #Rooster .com : Media Options – latest #domain acquisitions”
  1. Steve says:

    Nice name! Drew does an awesome job of cutting through the chaff to find the grain. We have the Chinese version.

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