Hey, Hey, Rise Up: Pink Floyd miss out on registering #domain

The Pink Floyd released their first music since 1994 today, in the form of the new song “Hey, Hey, Rise Up!

Supporting Ukraine in its defensive war against invader Russia, the legendary British group collaborated with Ukrainian artist Andriy Khlyvnyuk of Boombox who is the leading vocalist in the song. All proceeds of the song will go to Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief.

One needs to fathom how far back 1994 is: Twenty-eight years ago, right before the rise of the commercial internet.

It comes as no surprise that Pink Floyd, whose domain name PinkFloyd.com was registered in 1995, did not register their new song’s matching domain, HeyHeyRiseUp.com.

Someone else did, apparently; the domain is currently parked at Namecheap.

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