Hillary Clinton 2016 : Don’t waste your money on political domains

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton announced that she’s running for president of the United States in next year’s elections.

Have you read the news about ‘Hillary Clinton’ domains being on the market, some of them for tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Those that blindly ‘invest‘ in political domains need to research the market a little better.


It’s not that small town politics don’t have the ability to create a market for domains that match the names of political candidates.

Even when you run for sheriff in a town you’d better own your full name as a .com domain, just a Facebook page won’t cut it.

But to chase names around that bear titles, or years of nomination or election – that’s not going to generate the big bucks you’ve been dreaming, as there is no money in politics; politicians rely heavily on donations to fund their campaigns.

Those who aspire to get money for domains such as HillaryClinton.org, HillaryClinton2016.com and a bunch of others with the ‘president’ tag attached, will soon realize their assets are worthless at best; sometimes, they might generate UDRPs or even lawsuits.

Just like many other professionals, Hillary Clinton only needs HillaryClinton.com to get the job done; it took one UDRP in 2005 to acquire the domain.

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6 Responses to “Hillary Clinton 2016 : Don’t waste your money on political domains”
  1. N. Jones says:

    Would Hillary possibly be an exception though? I mean, I understand why other political names would not bear much profit, and could draw lawsuits, of course, but Hillary has her own money, she is a very seasoned political character. I’m sure she is using donations and her own funds to run her campaign. If she really wanted a particular domain, I’m sure she would technically be able to pay for it. Nonetheless, those types of domains are a pain to own IMO.

  2. Better stay away from that niche!

  3. Ruben says:

    Good post and good advice!! 🙂

  4. Ben Anders says:

    I have received several inquiries for my domain AnyoneButHillary.com. The offers haven’t been too high…in the low $X,XXX range. I’ll give it another month or two for the price to settle.

  5. Joseph Slabaugh says:

    Hillary, the DEAD BROKE politician has HER OWN money?!

  6. Joseph Slabaugh says:

    I say, if you want to make a statement, then you can reg one, but if you want to profit, well you would be silly to try that.

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