Attention Los Angeles : Hire Susan Lawrence as your Senior Account Manager!

Susan Lawrence.

Susan Lawrence.

Corporate mergers aren’t fun, they lead to the acquisition of assets and subsequent layoffs of even experienced talent.

Susan Lawrence falls in that category of “rockstar” professionals, and she’s currently available for hire in the tech industry.

With more than 10 years of experience with companies such as, DomainSponsor, and Nami Media, Susan would be a great asset for a technology corporation, including those in the domain industry.

Being a Los Angeles resident, Susan is looking for employment in the LA area, or working remotely; her organizational skills and attention to detail are second to none.

Some of Susan’s strong specialties include: PPC & Domain Monetization, Account Management, Client Relationship Management, SaaS, Business Development, Registrar Services, Affiliate Marketing, Campaign Management and Lead Generation.

We first met Susan when she worked at DomainSponsor many moons ago, and she has a well-rounded, fun personality; a true LA gal with a sharp focus, who can make great things happen either as part of a team, or working independently.

Hire Susan Lawrence as your Senior Account Manager or for a corporate position of similar responsibilities, by contacting her via email.

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