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Hiroshi Yakamoto: Mysterious Japanese American domainer behind the Bitcoin craze!


Until yesterday, nobody had heard of Hiroshi Yakamoto, a Japanese American from San Diego, California.

The man who apparently orchestrated a series of high profile Bitcoin exchange crashes, is a low profile, 24 year old student, working on his PhD in Mathematics and Physics.

As the great-grandson of a Japanese samurai warrior, Hiroshi Yakamoto is an expert in martial arts.

Hiroshi Yakamoto, the domainer genius behind Bitcoin.

Hiroshi Yakamoto, the domainer genius behind Bitcoin.

Yesterday, he shocked his class with a mass email message about Bitcoin, that read as follows:

“Most of you know me as Hiro Yaka, my full name is Hiroshi Yakamoto.

I created Bitcoin for the purpose of entertaining myself and witnessing how adults would react, when a currency that mimics digital Monopoly money, is presented with a coating of supposed anonymity.

It is clear to me that adults are actually kids, with the added element of greed for money.

My mathematical model works: you buy and sell Bitcoins hoping that you will be making a fortune every time. What you didn’t know, is that there is a backdoor to the Bitcoin code, and it’s accessible by the NSA. All your Bitcoin transactions are monitored.

I hope there is a lesson to be learned: stick to playing Monopoly, because Bitcoin is about to self-destruct in 2014. Whoever said 2140 was a dyslexic idiot!

Power to Math!

Hiroshi Yakamoto, Bitcoin master and creator.”

The shocking email soon circulated in publications such as Mashable, TechCrunch and reddit; social media picked up the references to Hiroshi Yakamoto and his ingenious design of Bitcoin, a pseudo-currency that entertained millions for a few years – until its planned crash in 2014.

The mysterious Hiroshi Yakamoto, is an avid investor in domain names, with more than 100 .co.jp domains hosted on a Tokyo server. The NSA is currently monitoring that server as well.

We will be updating you with more news about Hiroshi Yakamoto, as it happens.

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2 Responses to “Hiroshi Yakamoto: Mysterious Japanese American domainer behind the Bitcoin craze!”
  1. Spirals says:

    this is wrong guy…what a attention seeking douche.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Spirals – RU mad bro?

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