Hobi Michalec of Lumis : This is how I close #domain deals!

Domain broker, Hobi Michalec, can be on the go for days; the physically active broker loves to hike and snowboard in the mountains of Utah.

As part of the Lumis team of expert domain brokers, Hobi strives to keep in touch with his numerous clients, buyers and sellers, no matter what.

“Up in the Utah mountains, there is no cellular signal, and that’s when you have to go old school,” says Hobi Michalec.

“I keep a few quarters on me, just in case, and odds are that I will come across an old but still functioning AT&T payphone,” he adds, looking cool.

If you haven’t used a payphone for the past 20 years, just ask Hobi – he knows all the hot spots around Utah that rely on corded telephony.

Lumis recently shared a guide on domain valuation, so check it out.

Hobi Michalec, talking to a domain client via a payphone.

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