HODL.com: This domain name did not sell cheap!

Hodl is the meme-inspired prompt to not dispose of one’s crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, until the right moment has arrived.

Also known as having “diamond hands,” hodl-ing is the ultimate hold of stocks and crypto at times when the assets might have lost value, or might have gained value—just not enough.

The domain investor who sold the matching domain, HODL.com, was the original owner of NFTS.com, a domain that sold for $15 million dollars recently.

HODL.com was sold in 2018

At the time, we speculated that HODL.com wasn’t sold at the asking price, $500,000 dollars, simply because BTC (Bitcoin) was on a falling trend. However, the former owner and seller of the domain name HOLD.com contacted us, to assure us that the asking price was met. The exact words are:

Actually you were wrong! GOTW, incorporated 1998. have never disclosed details of sales over the last 23 years.  Domain name pricing is constantly reviewed and increased on a regular basis in line with the marketplace.

In other words, HODL.com most likely was sold for more than $500,000 dollars.

After all, the current Hodl’er of the domain HODL.com wants a whopping $6,969,696 dollars for it! The matching Twitter handle, @hodl, comes free with it.


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