How “big brand” companies use branded #domains to increase business

When it comes down to big brands, companies that have a global presence, the use of branded domains is increasing.

The use of new gTLDs helps define a solid corporate strategy, and can boost business.

Neustar, sponsors of DomainGang, has put together a five point report on exactly that. Titled, “5 ways big brands are using branded domains to boost business,” the report offers the following information, in part:

  • Building trust and security in brand identity – Particularly for those in industries such as banking, finance, and insurance, building a brand that consumers can trust is vital. Knowing that customers feel safe and secure visiting your site and making transactions is life or death for your business.
  • Increasing the efficiency of advertising and getting better accountability from ad spend – As the world of digital expands horizons for marketers, it has also increased the challenges in determining the right course of action from endless opportunities.
  • Attracting, retaining and showing off good talent – It’s not rocket science: having the right people to keep your organization running and innovate and drive it into the future is an essential part of any business. Standing out from the crowd and getting your job opportunities out there to as many applicants as possible is vital for your HR teams.

For the full report by Neustar on big brands, click here.

Big brands – Photo by William on Unsplash

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