How not to lose your #Twitter account to scheming thieves

Domain investor and harpist, Nadia Pessoa, managed to recover her stolen premium Twitter account, @Harp, but it took quite the effort.

Twitter support basically consists of bots automating tasks, and in order for a stolen handle to be returned, manual intervention is required.

It wasn’t as bad as in the case of Mike Berkens, who lost control of @TheDomains for more than a week. Mike’s past experience helped a lot in this recent case, but what can the average Joe do to prevent Twitter username theft?

Basically, turning on two factor authentication is a must.

Do not rely on the default settings that end up sharing hints about your email address. While lengthy, complex passwords help, two factor authentication will stop any such attempts dead in their track.

Why are Twitter account thieves pursue such premium accounts?

Although the sale of Twitter accounts is prohibited, such trades for money occur very often. If the Twitter handle is a premium, dictionary word, or just a few letters long, price can be in the thousands of dollars. A Twitter account thief would attempt to sell it quickly, making easy money in the process.

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