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#HugeDomains has priced the #domain UtahJizz .com quite affordably!

HugeDomains has more than four million domain names under management, and its portfolio is growing daily. It is the largest privately held domain portfolio in the world.

A big player at expiring auctions as well, HugeDomains often dips into the services of its DropCatch drop-catching service.

We’ve seen HugeDomains going after anything under the sun: from JackMehoff.com to other fun domains.

This one below breaks every record, however: UtahJizz.com.

Priced at “only” $1,795 dollars, the “Utah Jazz” typo surely commands some typo-traffic, but still, the domain becomes of adult nature.

Who would want to touch that jizz stuff? 😀

Utah Jizz

Kudos: Robert.

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4 Responses to “#HugeDomains has priced the #domain UtahJizz .com quite affordably!”
  1. Data Glasses says:

    LOL .. The question is how did you discover this gem?

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kudos: Robert.

  3. Data Glasses says:

    Who’s Robert?

  4. DomainGang says:

    Your butler.

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