#HugeDomains: Responsible for surge in computer monitor sales?

HugeDomains is the biggest privately held domain registrant in the world. Managing a minimum of 4.3 million domains directly, HugeDomains operates as a boutique domain seller, a registrar (NameBright) and a drop-catching service (DropCatch.)

Recent data in a report released by BestBuy, Walmart, Amazon, ASUS, and Victoria’s Secret, reveal that HugeDomains is responsible for 95% of a surge in new computer monitor sales.

The surge occurs around the end of the year, right before Black Friday sales and other holiday deals. Domain investors buy new monitors at the time, and it’s not because of the deals: their old monitors are apparently treated quite violently.

“I punch the screen every time I search for a domain and HD owns it… so angry!” exclaims Steven, who asked us to withhold his last name.

“I’m not a violent guy, but HugeDomains brings out the worst in me, I’ve destroyed 12 monitors in the past 8 years that I’ve been domaining,” says Steven, adding: “These mofos get every possible domain that drops, doesn’t drop, or would drop in an alternate universe! It’s impossible for me not to deliver an exploding fist across my screen! %$!$@$!^$”

Hundreds of other domain investors find it extremely difficult not to punch their monitors every time the “HugeDomains” logo appears on a domain’s landing page. Some have sought anger management therapy but most simply pay the money for a new computer monitor. This can add up to hundreds of dollars for every domain name!

To be fair, HugeDomains offers reasonable prices for many of their domains, including a large stash of meta domains if you’re interested.

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