I don’t want to invest in the #domain, says #GoDaddy customer

Some people expect to get a domain name for free, and aren’t too keen on investing in it.

Quite often, a company’s low level manager, middle executive, or IT department head honcho, will attempt to demonstrate their corporate loyalty with a fixation onto a domain name lawfully owned by someone else.

The first step is to find a way to reach out to them, and if the domain features a contact form, they use it to place an offer of between $5 and $20 dollars.

That’s “fair market value” in the eyes of Corporatus Ignoramus, a special kind of a domain lowballer.

A GoDaddy customer displays exactly this type of attitude, on the GoDaddy support forum:

I spotted a domain that is a really good match for an organization that I work with. The domain is registered on GoDaddy. When you go to the website for the domain, it says that the domain is for sale, and there is a link to click on to buy it. But the link is broken. The owner’s information in the domain registration is completely bogus, and some of the ownership records are missing.

I don’t want to invest in the domain — I want to use it. It’s the right domain name for an organization that I work with. But it isn’t an exact match for the name of the organization.

It seems that the lucky domain’s owner was thus spared by the demanding drivel of Corporatus Ignoramus; whether the information was “completely bogus” or they failed to realize it’s been redacted, that’s another story.

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