I, Kubba : HugeDomains grabs Ammar’s .com

With more than 2.5 million domains under management, HugeDomains is probably the biggest private domain portfolio holder in the world.

Quite often, they go after domain names that drop, and they operate DropCatch, NameBright (and BrightName) along with domain news aggregator, NameBee.

Ammar Kubba, popular domain investor and entrepreneur, shared a funny story today: HugeDomains grabbed his former domain, iKubba.com, which he let drop.

Naturally, Ammar can not think of who would possibly want to go after such a highly personal domain.

iKubba.com is now listed at the HugeDomains inventory, priced at “only” $2,095 dollars.

Maybe they want to reprice it lower, after Ammar’s statement! 😀

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