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ICANN : Chinese government gears up for tight domain industry regulation

Made in China - the triple x version.

Domain rules made in China.

If your domain sales to Chinese domain investors are red hot currently, this might soon change.

The Chinese government is currently working on a tight regulatory process that will evaluate all domain Registries and Registrars.

According to a report issued by the Hong Kong based agency BrandMa, the reach of the Chinese government will extend beyond the local ccTLD dot .CN.

Some points from the recently released report:

  • The registrars involved with domain name registration service provision out of range or without approval shall conduct rectification timely and submit supplementary “Application Materials   of   Domain   Name   Registration Service Institution” to the communication management bureau of province, autonomous region or mun icipality where it is located for application within time limit of the stage;
  • The  registrars  failing  to  meet  the  requirements of  real-name  registration shall conduct rectification  timely  and  submit  supplementary  materials  for real-name registration;
  • The  registrars in violation  of  laws  such  as  propaganda exaggeration or domain name sales by improper means like fraud and coercion shall conduct rectification timely and complete rectification within time limit of this stage.
  • The  registrars  with  ICANN  certification  shall  also  submit  application documents to   the   communication   management   bureau   of   province, autonomous region or municipality where they are located and obtain their approval to establish domain name registration service in China.

In other words, the communist government of China will be in full control and regulate the type of TLDs, gTLDs and ultimately, domain names that will be registrable, by imposing strict rules upon domain Registries and Registrars.

Meanwhile, domain crime in China has been rampant throughout 2014, with a sizable percentage of domain theft originating there.

For the full report from BrandMa, click here for the PDF file.

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4 Responses to “ICANN : Chinese government gears up for tight domain industry regulation”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    i call that bold talk for a one eyed fat man.

  2. Thanks for covering this development DG. My firm consults to many new gTLDs seeking China domain sales and marketing strategies. The situation is serious for registries. We wrote a 4 page briefing paper on the regulations’ specifics early last week. I commend it to all intetested in the government’s latest requirements. Available at http://allegravita.com/2015/05/20/foreign-top-level-domains-china-step-compliance-efforts-central-ministry-seeks-recoup-control/

  3. DomainGang says:

    Simon – Thanks. Looks like there’s already too much regulation in China and this will kill the goodwill efforts of domain registries.

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