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ICANN Collision Occurrence Management Plan retrieves Russian meteorite

Russian meteorite, retrieved by ICANN experts.

Russian meteorite, retrieved by ICANN experts.

A team of experts from the ICANN chapter of Collision Occurrence Management Plan team (COMPt), have responded to a distress signal by the Russian authorities.

As Russia Today reports, the ICANN team was dispatched within 8 hours of the emergency that occurred at the Chelyabinsk region, in Russia’s Urals.

“After traveling individually from various luxury resorts that ICANN uses to hold its meetings, our task force successfully reached the Chelyabinsk lake and retrieved the meteorite,” said the ICANN CEO, Fadi Chehadé.

“It’s clear that ICANN cares for and protects globalism, and is ready to offer its assistance and gTLD expertise around the world, anytime, anywhere!” exclaimed Chehadé.

The Russian meteorite was hauled from the icy waters of the lake by the COMP team of ICANN in a record-setting 90 minutes. This is the first time that such an international task force is requested by a nation for non-military purposes.

Pieces of the meteorite will be given as gifts to attendants of ICANN 48, in Buenos Aires in November.

Fadi Chehadé will appear on Russian television, later this week, at the inauguration of .водка – the Cyrillic gTLD for vodka connoisseurs.

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