ICANN: Getting ready for ‘Public Discussion’ of transition away from US government control

With the ICANN49 conference in Singapore ending today, ICANN has prepared a checklist that lays the groundwork for the IANA transition – the move away from US government control.


The multistakeholder-designed process for the community, was presented at ICANN49 and its purpose has been to address how the mechanism of the transition should occur.

The public discussion should be interesting to witness and participate in. ICANN plans to roll out the forum for the discussion on April 7th.

Meanwhile, ICANN keeps reiterating that the transition was planned all along since 1998; however, this does not mean everything is set in stone, however.

Current conditions in the geo-political arena should be taken into consideration, including the extended role that the US might need to assume, in the wake of international regimes that might pose a threat to US security.

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