#ICANN scraps Dominican Republic meeting scheduled for 2023

ICANN has canceled its Dominican Republic gathering for ICANN77 Policy Forum, and is looking for an alternate locale for its luxurious meeting.

Following recent mysterious deaths of American tourists in the Dominican Republic, the ICANN Team for Luxury Travel Planning (ICANNTLTP) has announced its deep concerns.

“We want everyone to have a great time at international ICANN meetings, and enjoy the fine wine and dining ICANN is known for,” said ICANNTLTP manager, Sal Monella.

“We love the Dominican Republic and while this current chain of events is under investigation, we want to move fast and ensure that an alternate location is selected; those that accuse ICANN of bureaucratic procrastination might be pleasantly surprised by our swift decision,” added Sal Monella.

In the past, ICANN attendees accustomed to the high level of hotel amenities, complained about having to wear wrinkled clothes due to the lack of free ironing boards.

Sal Monella addressed the issue of preparedness, so that the June 2023 event is well-tailored to the attendees’ needs:

“Whichever location is selected for ICANN77, we’ll have plenty of ironing boards, both warm and cold orange juice, deep exfoliation rejuvenation stations and even a choice of gratis tanga and g-string bikinis for the beach parties. At ICANN, we aim to please!”

If you were planning to skip ICANN77 now you can breathe; the new location will be announced soon.

ICANN77 – Somewhere in the tropics – Photo by Ayeisa Vargas on Unsplash

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