ICANN: Sergei Putanov’s Christmas surprise with dot .Проституте

Domain investor, Sergei Putanov

Sergei Putanov – the Russian multi-billionaire domain investor who built the Dubai-Florida oasis resort, is back.

Not content with his project of Meet Me In Russia, an international escort service for rich playboys, Sergei Putanov is unleashing a new gTLD application at ICANN.

Our Moscow correspondent, Nikolai Domienenko, spoke with Sergei Putanov about his latest project, dot .prostitute

Nikolai Domienenko: Sergei, how does it feel to getting ready to launch your second TLD after dot .communism?

Sergei Putanov: It feel good, Nikolai, I hear ICANN after .XXX open gate and accept adult from other countrys and mother Russia also. Excited but let see how money in suitcase reach ICANN, then be happy.

Nikolai: After Meet Me In Russia, you’re launching your second adult project. What made you do this?

Sergei: Listen, Ukraine women prostitute best in world. Large breast and very smart. American women very silicone and no smart. So Dot .Prostitute launch for European association men with ugly wife. Pay commission for registration, like dot .XXX defensive trademark.

Nikolai: Did the .XXX launch affect your timeframe for the .Проституте (.prostitute) launch?

Sergei: In morning, I wake up eat caviar, smoke, then have sex twice. Often wonder, why if domain register for people to use time better? So dot .prostitute save time of ask wife hanky panky. Less argument, more money busy professional. Expect many registration when launch live.

Nikolai: What will the cost be per domain in the .prostitute gTLD?

Sergei: In mother Russia have ruble so accept it. Also euro and dollar but no credit, coupon or tokens. Price even: 69

Nikolai: So the price is fixed at “69” dollars, euro or ruble?

Sergei: Yes.

Nikolai: I think you’re making a risky investment, Sergei but what if things don’t take off?

Sergei: Then I break leg of adviser with baseball bat.

Nikolai: We’re wishing you best of success with the dot .prostitute project, hopefully in January?

Sergei: I wait ICANN. If money in bank, then ok. And Merry Christmas to world.

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