ICANN51: Equal rights to female Cybersquatters a hot issue during conference

Fadi Chehadé

Fadi Chehadé wants equal opportunities for female Cybersquatters.

With ICANN51 underway in Los Angeles, California, the progressive state’s technocrats are pushing for gender equality on yet another field.

Cybersquatting, a male dominated field, is about to expand its reach to include women – if the ICANN CEO’s proposal for a “Unigender Committee” is approved.

“It is time to lift the existing gender inequality among domain squatters, and expand the multi-stakeholder paradigm across both genders,” said Fadi Chehadé, ICANN president and CEO.

“Our reach across the male-dominant field follows the guidelines set forth during ICANN50 in London, where we decided to allow women leadership roles within ICANN’s sub-subcommittees,” added Fadi Chehadé, gesticulating for emphasis.

ICANN is facing many challenges, and the introduction of equality across the sexes – even for controversial roles as domain squatters – will raise the possibilities for a much-anticipated Internet shifting of power, away from US Government control.


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