#ICANN62 ended today in #Panama and here are the results

ICANN62 ended today in Panama, bringing together an elite group of technocrats, inquisitive minds and exotic buffet aficionados from around the world.

The event was highly successful, and ICANN President and CEO, Göran Marby, delivered a short farewell speech from the podium:

“Dear friends and colleagues, dear members of the several dozen committees, I am happy to declare ICANN62 a successful event. We’ve accomplished more in these few days than during a quarter of remote meetings.

This is the power of face to face collaboration, especially when paired with free quality food and a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

Please, enjoy the delicacies provided by our generous budgetary allocation, and by all means tweet your event photos, organized in sub-committee folders.”

Under heavy applause, Mr. Marby waved to the crowds, and reminded everyone that ICANN63 will take place in Barcelona in October. Unfortunately, Catalan independence won’t complete before then, and ICANN will thus pay hefty Spanish taxes for the venue.

ICANN63 in Barcelona – Photo by Joshua Humphrey on Unsplash

What was accomplished during ICANN62? Here are some important results:

  • WHOIS – The current, temporary solution was approved as temporary by a unanimous vote.
  • GDPR – Full compliance with the European privacy laws will be completed, soon.
  • New gTLDs – Due to the success of the gTLD program, several hundred new gTLDs will be made available in 2018-2021.
  • Committee coordination – Expansion of the current 5 sub-committees per committee, to a maximum of 8, with unlimited committees when approved by the ombudsman.
  • Sexual harassment – Upgrade to Protocol 6.9 that authorizes the instant banning of harassers from all positions within ICANN, unless it involves plain bologna sandwiches requested during normal business luncheons.
  • Budgetary expansion – Buffet spending was increased to 2% of the global ICANN budget, including gratuity.

Looking forward to ICANN63 in Barcelona, for a better Internet-connected world.

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