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#ICU doing it : Top #gTLD is using Asian registrars for promo #domain registrations

Dot .ICU is the number one new gTLD currently, with 4.9 million domains. The TLD’s crazy ride, surpassing .TOP and .XYZ along the way, has been aided by some obvious heavy promotion in Asia.

Two domain Registrars in particular, West263 International Limited and Web Commerce Communications Limited dba WebNic.cc, account for the bulk increase of the .ICU meteoric rise, with about 2 million domains in total.

We can see that on Christmas Eve, West263 International Limited added more than 91,000 .ICU domains up from a daily average of 1k-3k in December.

On the same day, Web Commerce Communications Limited dba WebNic.cc scored more than 26,000 .ICU domains, up from a daily average of 1k-4k in December.

This type of anomaly indicates heavy promotional registrations, most likely at prices around the $1 dollar range.

Many Asian registrants don’t care what TLD they get to use, as long as it’s cheap. This lesson was first perfected by the .XYZ Registry that ran a penny promo a few years ago. After surpassing 6 million domains, XYZ dropped to 2 million registrations; it’s currently approaching 3 million domains.

Two months ago, on October 30th, dot .ICU had 2.79 million domain registrations. That’s a delta of 2.11 million domains in the course of sixty days!

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2 Responses to “#ICU doing it : Top #gTLD is using Asian registrars for promo #domain registrations”
  1. Probably more like a penny promo or even account stuffing like a Christmas stocking!
    These are hollow regs and are meaningless.

  2. BullS says:

    Why not IFU

    yea ,ICU and then IFU

    adding to the more useless dot whatever group

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