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#IHOB domain rebranding a gimmick; dot .com buyer left holding the bag

ihob.com – Sold after IHOP rolled out its campaign.

When it comes down to corporate marketing ingenuity, anything goes.

In the case of the IHOP restaurant chain rebranding to IHOB to promote its line of burgers, the entire event was a publicity stunt, a gimmick, a fake.

Alas, the news back in the day led to the acquisition of the domain IHOB.com, most likely for $15,000 dollars, by someone intending to sell it for big bucks to the restaurant chain.

These types of domain flips can be lucrative, when the information leading to that investment is verifiable and solid.

We questioned the legitimacy of the alleged rebranding back in the day, and the video below makes it crystal clear: IHOP is not going to become IHOB.

Moral of the story: relying on publicly available news, as opposed to solid inside information, can cost a pretty penny when it comes to domain names, or any other type of investment.

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