Indian businesses furious about domain spam!

Businesses in India’s Hyderabad district are complaining to the ministry of Corporate Affairs, over an influx of domain sourced spam.

Hundreds of small business operators, ranging from mom and pop shops to large hardware stores are receiving a barrage of emails for unsolicited services.

These emails begin the moment domain registrations are completed, according to sources familiar with the problem. They originate from spam mills in the West, where a variety of web design, branding, and marketing studios have set up shop.

“The very minute I proceeded with the completion of my domain registrations at GoDaddy, four emails arrive for logo design services!” exclaims Sanji Gaparat, a smoke shop owner.

“I was not advised to shield my email and phone number for my .in domains and now texts arrive every 15 minutes from Italian designers, Russian coders and Spanish Java developers. I filed a complaint and we shall see what the outcome will be!” added Gaparat.

Many other Indian entrepreneurs are complaining about the massive spam increase, pointing out how these emails appear to falsify their senders’ true identities.

Domain spam from the West is becoming a real problem in India

“These rascals use Indian names to befriend us but we know it’s either Marco or Jose or Billy hiding behind Indian monikers to peddle spam,” says Reyansh Ghandi, an SEO specialist from New Delhi.

“To be honest, I still have a good clientele and I shall not be not intimidated by these spammers, I delete their emails and report them to GoDaddy,” added Ghandi with a head wobble.

If you are a victim of Western spammers make sure you hide your email and phone number by acquiring “privacy WHOIS” and never respond to their well-crafted messages.

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2 Responses to “Indian businesses furious about domain spam!”
  1. JohnQ says:

    Are you nuts? We all know it’s spammers FROM India that do exactly this.

  2. DomainGang says:

    JohnQ – If you say so.

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