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Indian technocrats unhappy with the success of dot .Guru


Thousands of professionals from India, are quite unhappy with the newfound success of dot .guru, one of several new gTLDs launched by Donuts, Inc.

The name “Guru”, is a special reference to “master”, “teacher” and “guide” and those that share that first name might claim they don’t feel special all of a sudden.

A gold guru from India.

Guru Pradisvat – A gold guru from India.

“How can they do this, Guru is my first name, it was bestowed by my Mother and Father in good faith for my life, it is very very sad to see it being used commercially,” said Guru Pradisvat, a gold merchant and jewelry craftsman from New Delhi, India.

“Westerners abuse holy name of master, now adding insult by selling for $34.95 personal name that belong to culture of India. We must complain to the Prime Minister for this!” exclaimed Pradisvat, visibly dejected.

With more than 12,000 dot .guru domains already registered, the particular TLD attempts to add prestige and high quality to anyone’s professional activities.

“It’s definitely more prestigious than, say, .plumbing, but in the end, people want different things and Donuts is here to help consumers make educated decisions,” said Paul Stahura of Donuts, Inc.

In the coming weeks and months more Indians named Guru might sign the petition for the decommercialization of dot .guru, their most valuable personal asset.


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2 Responses to “Indian technocrats unhappy with the success of dot .Guru”
  1. HowieCrosby says:

    Lol Classic!

  2. Howie Crosby says:

    Any Indian wannabe Technocrats living in the West, should now drop their .coms! Opps sorry, was this post not for real? Ah I always get caught out LOL 😉

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