Insane domains: What do these #DropCatch auctions have in common?

We’ve been following some DropCatch auctions and they all have something in common.

These expired domains dropped and were auctioned off for 3 days at DropCatch, the 800 lbs gorilla of domain-catchers. Many domain investors are using the service to catch domains that were not renewed.

One of them appears to have an insanely large budget for such acquisitions and their name is thus quite befitting: user InsaneDomains on DropCatch.

The anonymous domain investor has spent considerable amounts of money recently to acquire the following domains:

  • for $3,705 dollars
  • for $4,650 dollars
  • for $3,605 dollars
  • for $2,700 dollars
  • for $17,400 dollars
  • for $32,460 dollars
  • for $2,012 dollars
  • for $49,550 dollars
  • for $1,800 dollars


That’s a total of $117,882 dollars in the course of a little over 2 weeks and this doesn’t include domains we are not aware of. InsaneDomains has been creating landers for their recent acquisitions, here’s the one for

It goes without saying that InsaneDomains has now established themselves as the de facto deep-pocketed bidder on DropCatch.

If you come across InsaneDomains at DropCatch auctions, be prepared to dive into your savings account if you want to outbid them! 😀

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5 Responses to “Insane domains: What do these #DropCatch auctions have in common?”
  1. BullS says:

    The masked InsaneDOMAINS

    Take off your mask
    Take off your mask
    Take off your undies

  2. Adam says:

    Who you trying to get crazy with ése?
    don’t you know I’m loco
    Insane in the domain brain.

  3. Jeff says: makes (some) sense since it fits as the hypenated acronym for the hyphenated “non-fungible tokens”.

    Of course it . . cough . . may make sense to dump (at a profit) the domain since NFT’s hype, and value, may go down . . as quickly as it went up.

  4. Russ says:

    His alias is years old, but hadn’t been active the past few years till this March. His winning bids total over $350k in just these few months.

  5. DomainGang says:

    Russ – That’s great, thanks for sharing.

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